What happened to it?

It seemed like for a few years it’s all anyone was listening to.  Yes, I know it started with a small cult following which probably still exists.  Those listeners likely begrudged it’s booming popularity.  But it seems like overnight it went from best music ever to common punchline.

The problem with dubstep was that it turned out to be too gimmicky.  Sure, the drum is amazing.  It’s exhilarating, exciting and unique.  But when all you have is the drum, or when it is responsible for carrying entire songs and albums, it’s appeal fades.

Properly used the drum is a perfect accent to a good song.  Remix a top 40 piece or some new pop, or whatever you want really, with some tastefully placed drum and you have yourself some serious dance music.

But the drum shouldn’t drive an entire genre.  And while I was in to dubstep for a few years when I listen to those original Skrillex remixes they just sound silly.

Ah, the passing of time and the changing of opinion.  We laugh at 80’s clothes and culture.  Maybe our children will laugh at our dubstep.  Or will it be super cool?!?!?

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