Ok, this is admittedly similar to my last post about fire flames, but every time Rage Against The Machine comes on…

More flames.

So amazing.

You see, I typically workout slash work while listening to pandora radio so there can be quite a bit of variance even within a single station.

But boy let me tell you Rage Against The Machine is in a league of their own.  I don’t know if any other band makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck as well as Rage does.  Their fury and passion is unrivaled and even if you disagree with their political views you can’t deny that you’ve felt comparable rage before.

Whether it was at traffic, taxes, the DMV or your mom you know you’ve felt it.  That righteous, swelling anger that feels all too just.  You’re filled with energy to right the wrong you’ve experienced or witnessed and feel you could become almost maniacal in your pursuit of justice.

And let me tell you, anger is one of the most powerful emotions that justice has.  Anger is energizing, motivating, and necessary to produce change.

Everyone thinks Jesus was a passive, quiet, gentle man who helped the poor.  He sure helped the poor but he also had a fiery tongue and a hot temper.  Ever wandered into a public place of commerce and started flipping tables and insulting the sellers?

Ya, me neither.  And while I doubt Rage Against The Machine are religious I believe in the most religious among us can relate to their rage and fire against injustice and  of course racism.

So next time you hear music that offends you, consider the emotion being conveyed and be honest if you can relate to it or not.  Often times we’re offended at something not because deep down we disagree with it but because we hold, suppress and hide the very same idea or emotion deep down.  Artists sure don’t have license to do or say whatever they want but there is a time for anger and rage, and that’s ok.

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