Fire Flames

One of the greatest qualities music has is its ability to inspire.

Music turn to music for inspiration for endless endeavors, like working out, schoolwork, processing internal emotions or ideas, and dealing with stress.  Music has the amazing ability to speak to whatever a person is going through.  We might find an emotion or idea shared with a particular artist or song, or might discover emotions or ideas in ourselves we did not know were there until music spoke to it.

Music truly is powerful.

I personally love working out.  I’ve always been a very active person and as I’ve entered adulthood and the school sports and things have come to an end I’ve developed quite a love for fitness.

Music and fitness are closely related, of course.  Go to your average local gym and nearly everyone will have headphones in, grooving to their personal playlist that motivates, drives, inspires or energizes them.

What I’ve always thought is funny about myself is that my energy levels, motivation, inspiration or whatever you want to call it hasn’t ever been strongly connected to the music I’m listening to.

I’m sure I’m not the only person like this,  but rather than needing high energy, loud, fast-paced music to fuel my intensity I need either music I like or no music at all.

I can legitimately get super hyped and fired up by a song or album or artist not necessarily because it is hyped and fiery, but because I just like the music in general.  I’ve been known to work out very intensely to classical music or jazz.  I do have some heavier sounds I’ll turn to on occasion but it’s definitely not the norm.

I’ve even had some of my best training sessions with no music on at all.  Depending on my mood music may even just annoy me, preferring the sounds of the weights and the company of my own thoughts and emotions to fuel my focus.

A buddy of mine is the exact opposite.  He does a similar training regimen as I do but also does mixed martial arts.  He’s truly a fighter in the gym and life.  He goes hard in everything he does, 110%, even in his landscaping business he owns.  Find him here- He’s like most exercises I know.  He loves and feeds off face paced, high energy, loud and even angry music on a regular basis.  If we trained together and I pumped so Beethoven or Louis Armstrong he’d laugh in my face or maybe even get frustrated.

I guess I’m a weirdo in that respect.  But that’s the beauty of music.  It truly has the power to reach any type of person.


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